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What is Ethical Design

Ethical design means more than just using reclaimed wood. It's about sustainable sourcing, using small businesses and high quality independent suppliers, avoiding unnecessary chemicals and offering environmentally friendly finishes that can be entirely plant based. It means craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.


Named after the LA ghost town hiding between LAX and the ocean, Surfridge Design was created in 2013 by Seth Bergstrom as a furniture brand with a focus on ethical design and craftsmanship. Every Surfridge piece is designed and built by Seth. From welding to wood work everything is proudly made at his shop by the beach in Los Angeles. 


"Just wanted to THANK YOU for all your hard work! The team loves the furniture..." - Melissa

"Beautifully crafted lamp. This is truly a piece of art. All high quality materials, down to the cord and light switch. I couldn't be happier.." - Mercedes

"Simply stunning! I am SO pleased with the quality. Seth was wonderful to work with..." - Nichole


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